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Self Care for the Soul with Sarah: Online Group Program 

I'm not going to teach you how to take a bubble bath!

We are going deep!

You will emerge from this group coaching program with an empowered sense of control over your own time, energy and emotions.

Create a healthy and momentous life for yourself.

Only 5 spots available

Personalized and Inspirational

Start date TBD


Module 1: Deep Dive

  • Private 30 minute Deep Dive call with Sarah 

  • Identify your core values

  • Idenitfy your blockages & energy suckers

  • Worksheet & Journal Prompt provided

Module 2: Relationship Reset

  • All of life is based on relationships (with family, friends, children, partners, colleagues, neighbours)

  • Work on establishing Beautiful Boundaries

  • Webinar, journal prompts & guided meditation

Module 3: Empowered Emotions

  • Emotions arise when boundaries are set (anger, resentment, guilt, etc.)

  • Here is all the "woo woo" work to help manage those emotions: lessons on  tapping, cord cutting, mantra development & meditation 

  • Webinar, journal prompts & worksheets

Module 4: Maintain & Manifest

  • Now you need a maintenance plan to keep these promises and committments to yourself throughout the year

  • Now you are also ready to manifest what you want

  • Webinar, guided manifestation meditation, journal prompts


Investment: $397 (may be paid in 4 payments of $99.25)

*Early Bird (purchased prior to TBD) includes a FREE Reiki infused intuitive card reading & advanced journal prompts

*all course participants recieve 10% off any of Sarah's 2020 Retreats or Events

To register or with further questions contact me here:

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