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Education Advocate

Sarah Sturino

Helping parents navigate the school system with knowledge and confidence. 

Why am I qualified to help you navigate your child's education?

  • OCT with over 20 years experience in both elementary and secondary schools;

  • classroom & resource teacher;

  • undergraduate degree University of Toronto in Exceptionalities in Human Learning;

  • other credentials include: Special Education Specialist; Mindfulness Coach; Owner/Director of Scholars Oakville West; and parent;

  • most important is my passion for each students fundamental right to an education that respects their learning needs and developmental journey. 



  • establishing questions to ask your child's teacher and/or administrator;

  • help deciphering educational language;

  • recommendations for future steps;

  • IEP and/or Behaviour Plan Reviews;

  • IPRC and meeting preparation.

All consultations are $175/hour and may be in-person or via Zoom. 

Book your complimentary 15 minute chat to discuss your current situation and how I can help. 

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