Mindfulness for Educators



At the heart of this program are basic mindfulness practices that help individuals access their inner wisdom and that of group members. Participants will be provided with tools to strengthen their well-being, think critically, act with compassion and develop resilience. The program is interactive and integrates a council process to create a shared learning environment. This is the ideal program for those educators who care to connect, dare to rise above the chaos and seek to be at peace for themselves and their students.


Sarah is a teacher just like you! She has spent 24 years in both the elementary and secondary panels of the DPCDSB. She is also a certified facilitator of the Mindfulness Without Borders Program. Sarah learned long ago that this career will take it's toll both physically and mentally without proper protective, personal strategies in place and would like to share these with you.


  • Stay focused and calm despite the chaos around you

  • Learn techniques for staying grounded in everyday life

  • Be a more present & focused teacher for your students

  • One hour a week for self care. You deserve it!



"During the mindfulness without borders group, Sarah provided us with a safe and welcoming space to share and let go. The weekly sessions quickly became something I looked forward to- they provided me with time to learn, practice and grow. The techniques that Sarah taught are now something that I incorporate into my everyday life and have reminded me the importance of showing gratitude and taking time (even if it’s just a few minutes a day) to breathe." Laura Gazzellone/Teacher St. Oscar Romero

"I signed up for Sarah's mindfulness training sessions and it was really wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed the classes. Sarah was insightful, practical and so knowledgeable. I really enjoyed this program. I loved being able to meet and discuss many of the mindfulness topics with Sarah and other students. I have a greater understanding and appreciation of meditation and living a mindful life. Thank you Sarah for being a superb instructor." Annette Palalas/Professor Humber College


4 weeks of one hour sessions

includes take away materials

Sunday evenings at 7:30pm begins September 20

Investment: $150 early bird (before Sept 11) $175 after

Register here:


Please etransfer payment to sssturino@gmail.com