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About Scholars Oakville West

I am very excited to be the new owner and director of Scholars Oakville West.

My interest in education started during my Undergrad years where I obtained a degree in Exceptionalities in Human Learning from the University of Toronto. After that I went on to receive a teaching certification from OISE and since then I have obtained 23 years of experience in classroom settings and support roles at both the elementary and secondary panels. Additional qualifications in Special Education, ESL, Guidance & Reading have allowed me to develop the skills necessary to successfully assist and motivate students with diverse learning needs. More importantly than education or experience,  I am excited to bring to you a great passion for student success and for developing a community of students and families who feel empowered to learn. 


Combining my years of experience in education with my trainings in Mindfulness and other wellness modalites, I am excited to bring to my clients a great passion for student success, holisitc learning and creating a community of students and families who feel empowered to learn. 

Adult Students
Adult Students

Why Scholars?

Quality curriculum and programming coupled with caring & qualified tutors leads to success, both inside and outside the classroom.

The world is evolving more quickly than ever before. From technological advances to innovations in every industry, students need more than a few “kill and drill” worksheets and someone knowledgeable in a subject in order to succeed in today’s fast-paced world. It takes thoughtful, attentive tutors who are able to deliver stimulating lessons through comprehensive, well-designed curriculum that bolsters your child’s weaknesses while maximizing their strengths.


From Pre-Kindergarten through to secondary school we can meet your needs for multi-faceted, exceptional learning programs. Programs may offer additional support or enrichment. We are also open to working with a variety of special needs populations.

For more information or to book your free assessment

(K to 8)  please contact us:

Young Students
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