Promoting a culture that balances work and wellness brings many rewards, including a more enjoyable work environment and happier workers who feel encouraged and supported.

I will design a Wellness Program unique to the needs of your employees and the culture of your business.

Topics include:

Life Balance

Cultivate self care practices and appropriate boundaries through an exploraition of core values, that will help you to balance all of life's demands.


A Registered Holisitc Nutritionist will take you through overall healthy eating practices and eating for stress managment. 

Fitness & Movement

Be provided with the tools to develop a habit of daily movement and understand the different components of fitness


Learn the art of being in the present moment in a world full of demands and stimulation.

Human Design Theory

Explore this theory of personality types and use the knowledge to assist with communication and stress managment.


Learn how to use a basic tool available to all of us to control your mood and aid in your mental and physical well-being.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict is a natural part of life . Develop skills and techniques to handle conflict skillfully. 

Immunity & Overall Health

A Naturopathic Doctor will provide information regarding stress managment, sleep hygiene and immunity. 

Contact me to discuss options suitable for your business.

Sarah Sturino