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Are you struggling with lack of energy or motivation?

Is anxiety or overwhelm taking over?

Would you like to ride the waves of life with more clarity?

Do you want to feel more joy? 


At the heart of these sessions are Mindfulness Practices and Reiki Principles.

Combine this with practical strategies such as Boundary Setting & Core Value Work, and throw in a little "woo" such as card readings & crystals, and you have a recipe for pure bliss!

Soul Sessions will help you:  

  • Improve life balance

  • Increase your energy

  • Find inner peace 

  • Create clarity about future direction


"Sarah is insightful, practical & knowledgeable. I now have a greater understanding of, and appreciation for, living a mindful life."  Annette P.

"The techniques Sarah taught me are now something that I incorporate into my everyday life. She provided a safe and welcoming space to share and let go."  Laura G.


Investment: $120/hour or 3 sessions for $300

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